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SD Times news digest: Rollbar unveils Adaptive Alerts; Informatica announces new Databricks integration; JetBrains releases GoLand 2021.3

Rollbar, a provider of real-time error monitoring software-as-a-service, today announced Adaptive Alerts. This new feature uses anomaly detection in order to learn the standard behavior of enterprise applications and alerts developers of atypical exception rates while helping to reduce unwanted noise with zero ongoing configuration.  Rollbar’s Adaptive Alerts detects anomalies by error exception type, which … continue reading

Report: Majority of development teams being held back from moving quickly

Despite the industry-wide fixation on developing and deploying faster, new data shows that a majority of development teams are held back from deploying software as fast as they’d like.  The study, conducted by continuous code improvement platform Rollbar, found that this was the case for 84% of developers. The top reasons for delays are difficulty … continue reading

Report: Error monitoring a big pain point for majority of developers

A new report has revealed that a majority of developers (88%) believe that error monitoring isn’t living up to expectations.  The 2021 State of Software Code report was done by continuous integration company Rollbar and almost 1,000 developers in the U.S. were surveyed.  Rollbar’s research indicates that fixing bugs and errors is the number one … continue reading

Rollbar to improve code with new AI-assisted workflows and automation-grade grouping

Rollbar wants to shift developers’ focus to continuously improving code, instead of having to continuously fix it. The continuous code improvement platform provider announced two new features designed to reduce the time spent monitoring, investigating and debugging code.  The new AI-assisted workflows are automated workflows that help development teams catch and address errors before they … continue reading Protection Status