Rollbar, a provider of real-time error monitoring software-as-a-service, today announced Adaptive Alerts. This new feature uses anomaly detection in order to learn the standard behavior of enterprise applications and alerts developers of atypical exception rates while helping to reduce unwanted noise with zero ongoing configuration. 

Rollbar’s Adaptive Alerts detects anomalies by error exception type, which allows it to be highly reliable with less noise. This matters because enterprise applications usually have a large number of unique errors that are open but not a top priority as long as they are occurring at a low rate. 

Adaptive Alerts analyzes a project’s historical data and then determines a baseline and monitors the exception rate continuously. If it detects something of significance, it will send an alert to the user and make them aware of the occurrence. 

Informatica announces new Databricks integration

The enterprise cloud data management organization Informatica today announced a major expansion of its partnership with Databricks with a new integration that empowers organizations to accelerate democratization of their data with Informatica and Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform. 

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) now offers cloud-native, low-code, no-code data integration that natively transforms data within Databricks SQL, allowing users outside of IT to leverage the performance and scale of Databricks 

Informatica’s IDMC brings Databricks’ native performance and scale to users with several capabilities. Among the key features are an ability to move large amounts of data in minutes and a simplified access and usage of data by business users.

JetBrains releases GoLand 2021.3

JetBrains, the developer tooling company, recently unveiled the latest update to its IDE for the Go language, GoLand 2021.3. This update includes native support for Go projects in WSL as well as support for remote development in Beta mode.

In addition, starting with this version, gofmt on save is now enabled by default. GoLand 2021.3 also brings users improvements for the debugger, including Delve for ARM64, the Show Types option, and more.

GoLand 2021.3 also includes two new postfixes for converting strings to numbers, a new template for table tests with testify, and better completion for values in struct tags. For more information, or to download GoLand 2021.3, visit here.