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Where Rust is going in 2016

It’s been three months since version one of the Mozilla-backed programming language Rust was released. Rust 1.0 focused on stability, community and clarity. But looking ahead, the programming language team plans to tackle infrastructure, use cases and improving key features over the next year. “Our basic stability promise for Rust is that upgrades between versions … continue reading

An experimental tool chain for Android, Streem, Rust 1.0 release trains, and Oculus acquisitions—SD Times news digest: Dec. 12, 2014

Google has officially announced its new tool chain for Android. The core of the new tool chain includes two tools: Jack and Jill. Jack stands for Java Android Compiler Kit, while Jill stands for Jack Intermediate Library Linker. Belgian mobile development software company Saikoa revealed the new compilers in the beginning of the month. Google … continue reading Protection Status