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Code Watch: The first four habits of highly employable developers

You probably know that to be highly productive you should master your programming language(s), know common data structures and patterns, have a working knowledge of algorithmic analysis, and so forth. But there is more—much more—to being employable, a developer who doesn’t spend any time on the bench, worrying about their future. This may seem like … continue reading

Guest View: How enterprises can handle changes in BPM

Volatility in today’s business landscape is unprecedented: It is harder than ever to stay on top and win a lasting competitive advantage. Due to the Digital Disruption, it is now virtually impossible to develop a business model, cast it into the concrete of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and leverage highly optimized processes for … continue reading

Twitter turns to developers for help

Twitter wants to reengage with third-party developers to help advance the social network. In the past, the company has been known to reject help from developers by restricting their access to its API, Business Insider reported. But according to Evan Williams, cofounder of Twitter, the company is reevaluating its relationship with developers. He cited the … continue reading Protection Status