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Finding a creative hobby will make you a better software architect

To be a great software architect, you need a creative hobby. That was the premise of a keynote talk by Kai Holnes at the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference today in New York City. Holnes, software developer at ThoughtWorks, compared CrossFit and weightlifting in general to technology.  According to her, in both lifting and technology, there … continue reading

How I learned to love the rebuild: 5 things to consider when your turn comes

There’s a saying about perfectly architected systems: we’ve never heard of them, because those companies never get off the ground. When you first get going, the only thing you should focus on is finding product-market fit. Picking the stack that works right now, fast, is the right choice. Yet, once you reach critical mass, waiting … continue reading

Starting from scratch may sometimes be the best option when trying to improve your applications

After investing time and money developing an application, it can seem counterintuitive to start from scratch to update it instead of just working to improve what you already have. But sometimes a clean slate is the best option. Spotify recently updated its web app and it did just that. When doing so, it had to … continue reading

premium Selecting the best path for application modernization

It’s safe to say that microservices architecture is no longer an emerging new trend, but a mainstream software development strategy. Microservices aren’t just ideal for developing new applications, but are also optimal when modernizing legacy applications. Writing functionality into bite-sized, reusable components is more efficient and speeds up development. It delivers code that meshes well … continue reading

How soft skills can skyrocket your software development career

In a competitive industry like software development, getting ahead can mean the difference between a great job and no job. While it’s important to possess the technical skills necessary to perform your job, there are a number of soft skills that can set you apart and help you succeed. At O’Reilly’s Software Architecture conference in … continue reading

Why microservices will drive enterprise-grade IoT for business

Self-driving tractors, smart supply chains, warehouses operated by robots and self-diagnosing, self-healing machinery are all extraordinary examples of how the industrial sector is leveraging the endless possibilities of Internet-of-Things. According to some estimates, by 2021 global IoT spending across different industries is expected reach almost $1.4 trillion (IDC). Industrial IoT (IIoT) will help to improve … continue reading

WSO2 introduces an integration agile approach to microservices

WSO2 announced the Summer 2018 release of its agile integration platform with a new approach to implementing microservices at WSO2Con US 2018 in San Francisco today. According to the company, while microservices are the software architecture of choice, agile development is being hindered by legacy technology. The Summer 2018 release aims to address this with … continue reading

How software architects can control the future of software architecture

In order to drive the business’ competitive advantage, software architects need to mix three ingredients into the “evolutionary cauldron” if they want to keep up: agility, velocity, and modularity. The evolution of software architecture is the future, and software architects hold all the power, according to Mark Richards, an independent software architect who gave the … continue reading Protection Status