Topic: software planning

Bad habits that stop engineering teams from high-performance

I’ve been working in and managing Agile engineering teams for over a decade, and whilst I won’t profess to know everything you should be doing, I can share some insight on things you definitely should not be doing. All learned from screwups, I might add. You’ll find excuses, like “Oh, I’ll get back to it … continue reading

The two faces of software planning

If you work with others to build software, you will be familiar with the term planning. You’ve heard the term being thrown around in sentences such as “next week is planning week”, “we have to get better at planning next quarter”. Heck, you might have even participated in said rituals. But if you’re like me, … continue reading

Industry Watch: Planning for the perfect

Estimating the time and cost it takes to deliver a project is the bane of system development and it is an old problem that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. How bad? According to a 2012 McKinsey-Oxford University study of 5,400 large- scale IT projects, 66 percent were over budget, 33 percent came in … continue reading

Amadeus emphasizes best practices in planning tool

Developers take time to create good working software. They read the requirements, write code, end up with a perfectly functional application, and then someone in the organization realizes that application won’t help the business at all. As CIO and cofounder of Amadeus Consulting, John Basso has seen this time and again over the past 21 … continue reading Protection Status