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Oracle cans Solaris 12

Oracle has never officially said that it had plans to end Solaris, but a new road map found on the company’s Solaris systems pages intimates that Solaris 12 will likely never arrive. That road map, a small PDF on Oracle’s site, shows a focus on cloud deployments and something called Solaris According to Oracle’s … continue reading

Oracle to offer big-data analytics system

The company has unveiled its fist entry into the popular big-data analytics market, along with new SPARC chips … continue reading

Letters to the Editor: Setting the record straight on OpenSolaris

A reader takes issue with the depiction of OpenSolaris and clarifies its contributions to software development … continue reading

From the Editors: Consulting the Oracle

Oracle’s recent moves regarding Google and OpenSolaris get mixed reactions; accessibility for Web 2.0 technologies is good … continue reading

Oracle closes OpenSolaris

A leaked internal memo shows Oracle planning to push OpenSolaris users towards regular Solaris … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Unix is important, and Solaris is important

Despite talk that Solaris may be ending its run of support from Oracle, Solaris still is important enough to preserve … continue reading

Illumos spoons OpenSolaris

The newly announced project is seeks to open up OpenSolaris, making a fork of the codebase possible … continue reading Protection Status