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SonarCloud integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst to promote Clean Code practices

Sonar has announced a new integration of its code review tool, SonarCloud, with Amazon CodeCatalyst to help improve the development process for cloud-based applications.  Amazon CodeCatalyst is a platform that provides blueprints for setting up software development projects in AWS, including setting up project tools, managing CI/CD pipelines, provisioning and configuring development environments, and more. … continue reading

Sonar’s new SAST tool includes support for thousands of open-source libraries

The developer security company Sonar has announced an update to its platform, which will make it even easier for developers to write what Sonar calls “Clean Code,” or code that is “easy to read, maintain, understand and change through structure and consistency yet remains robust and secure to withstand performance demands.” The company has added … continue reading

Facebook open sources Sonar

Facebook has announced it will be open sourcing its extensible debugging tool: Sonar. Sonar was originally created to help Facebook engineers manage the complexity of working with multiple different modules. According to the company, Sonar provides a framework where experts and developers can convey important information to users. It also provides engineers with an intuitive … continue reading

SD Times GitHub Project of the Week: Sonar

Microsoft wants to protect the modern web with the next evolution of its static scan tool. The company announced sonar, a linting tool and site scanner for the modern web. Microsoft first released its static scan tool within its browser in 2013. It was meant to detect optimizations for old versions of IE, missing prefixes … continue reading Protection Status