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SD Times news digest: UserWay and ShortPoint announce partnership; Code Ninjas and Microsoft MakeCode collaboration; SQLite 3.37 release

UserWay, an AI-powered web accessibility company, and ShortPoint, an intranet design software company, today announced their partnership in order to ensure SharePoint sites designed with ShortPoint are fully accessible and ADA compliant.  UserWay’s accessibility technology provides WCAG and ADA compliance for websites, resulting in a more accessible experience for blind and visually impared users as … continue reading

Why your app’s database stinks— and your ORM too

At the dawn of the millennium, somewhere in the depths of a company contracted by the United States Navy, D. Richard Hipp designed SQLite so that you could finally stick a database inside an application. Its original purpose was to power guided missile destroyers, which surely could have used a fast, lightweight database that ran … continue reading Protection Status