UserWay, an AI-powered web accessibility company, and ShortPoint, an intranet design software company, today announced their partnership in order to ensure SharePoint sites designed with ShortPoint are fully accessible and ADA compliant. 

UserWay’s accessibility technology provides WCAG and ADA compliance for websites, resulting in a more accessible experience for blind and visually impared users as well as the over 60 million people in the United States living with disabilities. 

ShortPoint plans to host a webinar on Dec. 1 at 11 AM EST to discuss the details of this partnership with panelists Sami AlSayyed, founder and CEO and Mohamad Yahia, product manager of ShortPoint.

Code Ninjas and Microsoft MakeCode collaboration

The kids coding franchise, Code Ninjas, and Microsoft MakeCode today announced a collaboration with the goal of offering enjoyable coding activities for kids during Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) 2021. Participating Code Ninjas locations will be open to the public from December 6-12 for children to experience Hour of Code and GameJam activities at no cost. 

CSEdWeek is an international initiative that takes place every year in hopes to inspire kids to take an interest in computer science. During the week of Dec. 6-12, kids will be able to try coding for the first time or discover a new way of using coding to solve problems. In addition, children will be able to use Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade platform in order to create games of their own.

For more information on how kids can participate, visit here.

SQLite 3.37 release 

Recently, SQLite, an open-source SQL database, announced the release of SQLite 3.37. This release brings many new features and updates to the database, including STRICT tables that provide a prescriptive style of data type management. 

With the release of SQLite 3.37, when users add columns that contain a CHECK constraint or a generated column containing a NOT NULL constraint, the ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN will check new constraints against preexisting rows in the database and will only continue if no constraints are violated. 

In addition, SQLite 3.37 brings Command Line Shell (CLI) enhancements such as 

  • Add the .connection command, allowing the CLI to keep multiple database connections open at once
  • Add the –safe command-line option that disables dot-commands and SQL statements that might cause side-effects that extend past the single database file names on the command-line
  • Performance improvements when reading SQL statements that span multiple lines 

For more information on the release updates, visit here