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Google updates its Speech Services engine to provide more natural voices

Google has announced a major upgrade to its Speech Services by Google Engine, which is what is used for Text to Speech services.  All of its 421 voices across 67 languages have been updated to a new voice model and synthesizer. This includes the default en-US voice being changed to one that is drastically improved, … continue reading

Google gives developers text-to-speech capabilities

Google announced the integration of its text-to-speech synthesis with the Google Cloud Platform today in the form of Cloud Text-to-Speech. According to the company, developers have been asking for ways to add text-to-speech into their applications.   The text to speech conversion technology is powered by machine learning and comes with 32 different voices from 12 … continue reading

New Watson Developer Cloud services, Microsoft awards HP bug bounty, new developer job search website launched—SD Times news digest: Feb. 5, 2015

IBM has added five new beta services to its Watson Developer Cloud, a cognitive computing platform that has a collection of APIs and SDKs for developers to build applications integrated with the processing capabilities of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence. Building upon eight existing services, the Watson Developer Cloud’s five new services include speech-to-text translation, text-to-speech … continue reading Protection Status