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Value stream DevOps puts emphasis on people

Over the past 10 years, many organizations that create software have adopted DevOps technologies, all of which were designed to help organizations deliver quality software faster.  They’ve adopted CI/CD pipelines, they’ve embraced Agile coding practices, they’ve shifted security and testing to happen earlier in the development cycle, and yet companies still lament they’re not delivering … continue reading

Automated deployment is the next logical step for IBM

Big Blue acquires UrbanCode to help customers deliver software more quickly to market … continue reading

UrbanCode takes on complexities of release management

New uRelease tool helps coordinate changes across multiple applications … continue reading

UrbanCode announces uRelease for concurrent deployment

Governance tool takes a more holistic view of release when multiple applications are involved in a rollout … continue reading

UrbanCode vacating Anthill for new ‘DevOps’ platform

Company decouples deployment software from popular build tool … continue reading Protection Status