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Drupal 10 includes updates to improve content authoring experience

The latest version of the content management system (CMS) Drupal is now available. Drupal 10 includes a number of updates aimed at improving the authoring experience.  Drupal 10 debuts the new Claro administration theme, which replaces the Seven theme, and the Olivero default front-end theme, which replaces the Bartik theme.  Claro was part of Drupal’s … continue reading

Building better app experiences with focus on web technologies

AngularJS, the popular JavaScript library, was spawned from the idea of creating a framework with an application mentality for building experiences on the Web. Version 6 was released in May with a focus on the toolchain more so than the framework itself. According to Stephen Fluin, developer advocate at Google, the idea for Angular JS … continue reading

MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange

MuleSoft announces Crowd, joins Open API Initiative to guide API specification development

MuleSoft today announced Crowd, a set of collaboration capabilities that allow teams to create, save and reuse APIs and other integration assets within the company’s application network platform, the Anypoint Platform. Along with this release, MuleSoft also announced it has joined the Open API Initiative under the Linux Foundation. According to the company, Crowd is … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Clickability

Programmers need to keep in mind that websites need to be accessible in as few clicks as possible … continue reading Protection Status