Exadel (www.exadel.com), a global leader in digital software engineering solutions, today announced the Innovation Lab by Exadel where enterprises can test emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, mobile, chatbot and machine learning models to determine strategic fit. It blends an integrated customized platform and technical consulting for IT leaders to quickly build and test these technologies with ease. Built on the success of Appery.io by Exadel, a low-code mobile application development platform, the Innovation Lab by Exadel is a cost-effective and efficient solution to help drive innovation in the enterprise.

“Today the speed of innovation is growing exponentially, and many organizations simply don’t have the time, budget or skills to keep up,” said Lev Shur, president of Exadel Solutions. “The Innovation Lab by Exadel is where technology professionals can quickly determine the ROI of emerging technologies before making expensive, long-term commitments. The customized platform combined with our proven technological expertise means users can cost-effectively determine the value of a given technology within a matter of weeks.”

The Innovation Lab by Exadel comes as a convenient packaged solution including:

  • Cloud-Based Platform: based on a preliminary conversation focused on strategy and goals, Exadel consultants customize a platform that organizations can begin using immediately.
  • Experts on Demand: from initial outreach to completion of the project and everywhere in between, Innovation Lab technical experts are on-hand to help answer even the toughest questions. If deemed a viable solution, Innovation Lab specialists and the client may choose to continue to work together to take proof-of-concept to a tangible, finished project.
  • Collaboration and Agility: the Innovation Lab platform encourages and facilitates collaboration. Business and IT can work together in an agile fashion and monitor progress daily.

In order to keep up with the rate of innovation, the Innovation Lab plans to continue to expand its breadth of capabilities to best fit the needs of the clients. More technologies and additional program features will be announced soon.