SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, added a new scheduling feature in CrossBrowserTesting, the only all-in-one UI functional web testing platform, enabling users to create and choose a reoccurring schedule for automated and visual testing. This new scheduling feature for bothRecord & Replay scripts and full-page screenshot tests empowers users to be first to identify any bugs or defects that may arise, as well as when they occurred. By integrating with both Slack and e-mail, users can elect how to receive the details of their regularly scheduled tests in a way that works best for them.

Software teams today are feeling pressure to release software faster than ever. This drives the need to test faster, and more often, leading many software teams to establish a continuous testing strategy. CrossBrowserTesting allows teams to run automated, visual, and manual tests on over 1,500 real desktop and mobile browsers in the cloud.

Now, with this new scheduling feature, teams have a codeless option to set up reoccurring tests to run on a customizable cadence. With a few clicks, users can identify when an issue may have occurred or confirm that there are no unexpected UI changes across targeted devices, browsers, operating systems, and resolutions.

“This new scheduling feature reduces the amount of stress and worrying software teams face daily,” said Ken Hamric, product lead and co-founder of CrossBrowserTesting at SmartBear. “Now teams can set up their tests, set up a schedule, receive a notification if anything goes wrong, and pinpoint exactly when and where it went wrong. This new scheduling feature assists with regression testing, verifying no changes occurred to the UI after changing web functionality, and helps to automate tests continuously across a number of browser configurations.”

The new scheduling feature is included in any automation or unlimited plan at no additional cost. To learn more about scheduling your automation tests for both Record & Replay and full-page screenshot tests, visit here: