SharePoint, according to Microsoft, is about helping people share content, information, resources and expertise. So the company has stepped up and launched a new section within its SharePoint website dedicated to helping an organization’s SharePoint “champion” drive wider adoption among his or her colleagues.

The site has a wealth of information, with how-to videos and reference cards that provide step-by-step instructions for doing collaboration, content management, hitting deadlines and more.

Interestingly, Microsoft shows off SharePoint websites that have live chat capabilities in their presentations, yet that is one feature I found lacking on its new microsite. I understand there’s a cost in staffing a live chat help line 24/7, but as chairman of SPTechCon and hearing all the questions people have about using SharePoint, Microsoft could do a huge service by creating a live exchange where people can find help.

Perhaps that’s in the works for “That’s Why I Use SharePoint 2.0.”