Universal shopping cart:  Order multiple products from multiple retailers within one checkout interface

Retain visitors:  Consumers have a convenient way to buy products without leaving the mobile app or website, while keeping the same experience as if they were purchasing directly from the retailer.

Increase conversions:  Simple checkout button leads to lower shopping cart abandonment.  Consumers only need to enter shipping and billing information once.

Acquire New Customers:  Retailers can reach millions of new consumers – on their own sites, inside developers’ apps, and/or on publishers’ sites.  Publishers and developers can also increase sales by offering more retailer products.
Retailer Control:  Retailers still process their own payments and keep their sales data while shoppers still receive standard order confirmation emails.

Complete, Real-time Data:  Unlike other solutions that rely on retailers to upload very limited product information, developers and publishers get real-time access to all product data available (e.g., inventory, size, color, style, etc).
No Wallet Passwords:  No need for consumers to remember passwords. Instead, consumers use their email address to obtain a PIN code via text message.
Affiliate Ready:  Two Tap supports all major affiliate networks including CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), Rakuten Linkshare, Skimlinks and Viglinks, to name just a few.

Platform agnostic:  API-powered interface means Two Tap supports desktop, mobile and wearable tech platforms.

Customer insights:  Learn more about customers by keeping track of what they buy.

It’s free to place orders using Two Tap Checkout API.  Complete pricing information for Two Tap Product Availability API can be found here and API documents here. For product screenshots, company logos and founder headshots, download the Two Tap press kit.

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