ConnectALL is a value stream management company dedicated to helping customers achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability and velocity. We do this by connecting people, processes and technology across the software development and delivery value stream, enabling companies to align digital initiatives to business outcomes and improve the speed at which they deliver software. ConnectALL’s value stream management solutions and services allow companies to see, measure and automate their software delivery value streams. value stream management and value stream delivery solutions optimize and align the software and delivery lifecycle with the needs of the business, improving visibility and decision making throughout the organization. Its offerings provide global enterprises and government industry leaders a cohesive, data-driven approach to ideate, create and orchestrate the flow of value with measurable business outcomes. Learn more at

HCL Accelerate is a data-driven value stream management platform that provides next-level visibility and governance to your DevOps strategy. By integrating with the tools you’re already using, HCL Accelerate aggregates data from across your DevOps pipeline to give you actionable insights so you can get the most out of your DevOps investments. HCL Accelerate is part of HCL Software DevOps, a comprehensive DevOps product suite comprised of powerful, industry-proven software solutions.

Plutora provides value stream management solutions for enterprise IT, improving the transparency, speed and quality of software development and delivery by correlating data from across the toolchains and analyzing critical indicators of every aspect of the delivery process. Acting as the “catwalk above the factory floor,” Plutora ensures organizational alignment between software development with business strategy and provides visibility, analytics and insights into the entire value stream. This approach guides continuous improvement and digital transformation progress through the measured outcomes of each effort. Plutora ensures governance and management across the entire portfolio by orchestrating release pipelines, managing hybrid test environments, and orchestrating complex application deployments — all independent of methodology, team structure, technology, and level of automation.

Tasktop transforms traditional businesses into high-performing tech companies by instantly providing an outside lens for accelerating software delivery. Many organizations are flying blind when it comes to digital transformations because the tools used to do the work provide limited views and proxy metrics. Tasktop’s Value Stream Management platform sits above the entire toolchain, integrating all the underlying tools and objectively measuring flow. Within days, Tasktop customers are able to understand the way they are delivering value and where to implement changes that reduce time-to-market.

Quali: CloudShell Colony is a SaaS platform for delivering Infrastructure Automation at Scale for complex application-centric environments on cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes. IT leaders and DevOps innovators around the world trust Quali to enable self-service automation and governance to streamline application development, testing, and release to production.

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Atlassian offers Jira Software, the #1 software development tool used by agile teams. As an agile project management tool, it helps teams plan, track and move work forward. Atlassian’s Jira Align extends the power of teams working in Jira by connecting business strategy to technical execution while providing real-time visibility at enterprise scale. It allows enterprises to aggregate team-level data and makes all work visible across the organization in real-time.

Blueprint accelerates agile transformation and drives real business value through value stream mapping. It can map, visualize, measure and govern the flow of business value from ideation to delivery. Its governance and compliance capabilities not only supports regulatory processes by mapping requirements, but provides traceability and impact analytics to help teams manage change.   

Broadcom is a leader in value stream management solutions. Its ValueOps product integrates business-oriented investment planning and digital product management to deliver digital transformation at scale. Organizations can use ValueOps to align business and IT leaders on priorities, capacity, progress, and results across the enterprise.

CloudBees CD brings order and scale to enterprise software delivery with release orchestration, deployment automation, and pipeline and environment management all in a single, flexible solution. By taking the manual effort and risk out of releasing software, CloudBees CD gives developers the analytics to measure, audit and improve results. Organizations with highly-regulated and complex environments can safely and predictably release new applications and adapt to change at any speed demanded by the business. CloudBees CD also includes a robust set of audit-ready pipeline capabilities so customers can easily perform software delivery audits based on evidence links, approvals and pipeline duration.

IBM UrbanCode Velocity provides value stream management, pipeline orchestration and real-time analytic capabilities. It is designed to help development teams, DevOps teams and business leaders visualize work and create value from idea to customer. 

Intland: codeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated Application Lifecycle Management tool that facilitates collaboration, increases transparency, and helps align software development processes with your strategic business objectives.

Kovair with its tools provides a complete Value Stream Management Platform to organizations enabling them to reap every benefit of Value Stream Management and ensure customer satisfaction. Starting from capturing the voice of the customer and defining what is of value for them, Kovair’s VSMP provides a structured visualization of the key steps and corresponding data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire process, not just one section at the expense of another. 

Plandek’s unique capabilities enable it to integrate with multiple Value Stream Delivery tools-sets (e.g. Jira, Git, Jenkins, Azure DevOps) and mine the data-footprint of software delivery teams in order to surface meaningful end-to-end delivery metrics used to improve software delivery efficiency, quality, velocity and predictability.

Planview ensures teams are doing their best to deliver on strategy. The company offers portfolio and work management solutions to transform and drive strategic initiatives. Its portfolio includes Spigit for culture innovation and employee engagement; Enterprise One for enterprise-wide portfolio planning and delivery; PPM Pro for work management; LeanKit for enterprise Kanban for IT and business teams; and Projectplace for project-centric collaboration. 

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the leading framework for scaling Agile across the enterprise. It is designed to help businesses deliver value on a regular and predictable schedule. It includes a knowledge base of proven principles and practices for supporting enterprise agility. 

ServiceNow’s approach to Value Stream Management leverages key capabilities, from ServiceNow DevOps and IT Business Management, and the Now Platform, working seamlessly with IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance. 

Targetprocess: To connect portfolio, products and teams, Targetprocess offers a visual platform to help you adopt and scale Agile across your enterprise. Use SAFe, LeSS or implement your own framework to achieve business agility and see the value flow through the entire organization.