D2 Emerge, publisher of Software Development Times magazine and ITOps Times, today announced it is launching Virtual VSM DevCon, a one-day training event for teams interested in creating value streams in their organization to gain efficiencies and eliminate waste from their processes. The event will be held on July 22, 2020.

Since January 2019, when SD Times declared on its cover that it was the Year of the Value Stream, there has been tremendous interest in the topic. IT organizations are asked to create new software faster, deploy it more quickly and still retain the highest quality. But with still-siloed operations and latencies inherent in older architectures and processes, achieving those goals is becoming more and more difficult.

“WIth all the pressure development organizations are under, the time feels right for an event that can help them find the bottlenecks in their development and production environments by implementing value streams,” said David Lyman, publisher of SD Times and president and CEO of D2 Emerge.

The one-day virtual conference will look at such topics as:
– How to create a value stream map
– What is ‘flow,’ and how do you manage it?
– Value stream management: A path to continuous improvement
– The human side of value stream
– Creating a value stream culture with new roles and teams
– What to look for in value stream metrics
– What do Agile or DevOps have to do with value stream management?
And more…

“Value stream management concepts are being applied to software development, where the product changes frequently due to opportunities in the markets, the materials change due to the complexity of modern software architectures and means of delivery, and the output is often changing based on customer demands and expectations,” explained David Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of SD Times and editorial director and COO at D2 Emerge. “At Virtual VSM DevCon, you will learn how to apply value stream strategies to your development process to help you do your job more efficiently and deliver software that will delight your customers.”

Interested in speaking at the conference? Contact Dave Rubinstein at drubinstein@d2emerge.com to discuss topics.

Potential corporate sponsors can reach out Dave Lyman at dlyman@d2emerge.com to learn about opportunities.