VIDIZMO, a company that creates components for distance learning and for corporate communication and training, has announced support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The integration means SharePoint users will be able to search and play training courses from their SharePoint portal without launching new windows or providing new authorization details.

The new release of VIDIZMO Components—Live Presenter & Recorder, On-Demand Presenter, Advanced Analytics, Testing & Certification, and Media Management Portal—provides analytics and tracking, branched quizzes and real-time assessment, and on-the-fly monetization through VIDIZMO Marketplace and PayPal of live or recorded classrooms or webinars. Reports enable managers to track and monitor who has watched what and what they scored. Also, course completion certificates are delivered through SharePoint.

“At VIDIZMO, we realize business goals and turn them into reality by delivering next-generation learning, communication, and ultimate user student-centric experience across all the screens,” said Nadeem Khan, president of VIDIZMO.