VistaSG Software, a leading records and document management solution provider, completes development on inSite, making a formal announcement at the leading Microsoft SharePoint conference, SPTechCon.

“Our inSite development began after recognizing a need to better capture, manage, store and retrieve documents using SharePoint.  By incorporating inSite to any SharePoint deployment, organizations can easily scan in high volumes using Bar Code Recognition, automate the redaction of confidential data, use workflows to automate tasks, and retrieve documents more quickly.” States Jim Boyington, President, VistaSG Software. 

“Our goal in the development of inSite, and the goal of our organization, is to promote an efficient, cost-effective means to a paperless environment using workflow and automation, and I believe we have done just that with inSite for SharePoint.” Continues Boyington

Scanning and capture capabilities include individual scanning stations, batch scanning, file pickup, automated capture and more. inSite supports ISIS and TWAIN compliant scan drivers and utilizes Bar Code Recognition for high volume scanning.  Bar code values can be used to automate where in the workflow a specific document should be sent, such as human resources, payroll, or even to a specific user.  

Capturing of electronic files can also be automated using inSite.  Not only can a user import varying document types manually, inSite can be configured to automatically import from one or more preconfigured directories.  Administrators can configure the type of file, including any metadata, as well as where within the workflow the imported documents are to be routed. 

inSite contains various annotation and document manipulation tools – from electronic signatures, stamps, “sticky” notes, document notes, page notes, highlights and redaction.  Users can easily add annotations to documents when they are imported, at any point during the workflow, and even after they are stored in the SharePoint repository.

Redaction can be completed automatically using templates or Optical Character Recognition with either masks or regular expressions defining information to be redacted.  Quality assurance allows users to simply accept, reject, or move redactions using a user-friendly layout and navigation tree.  Performance metrics and analytical data are available to Administrators to ensure redaction information is current, useful and accurate at all times.

Automating tasks using workflow is a key differentiator of inSite.  inSite’s workflow capabilities include a user-friendly graphical toolset for Administrators to develop, manage, and implement workflows for a project, a department, or an entire organization.  inSite workflow can be configured to include robust queues and routes, creation of users and groups using synchronization with Microsoft’s Active Directory, security for groups and users, retention schedules, escalation and more.  Actions, such as sending an email, printing, splitting documents and more can be automated using workflow to ensure the right user handles documents without the hassle of manual intervention.  With custom scripts, Administrators can easily create custom scripts using C# or VB.NET for an even more customized, efficient workflow process.

With over fifteen years developing and implementing document management systems for both the public and private sector, boasting clients such as the Texas Department of Insurance and the City of Corpus Christi, TX, VistaSG Software is no newcomer to the realm of document management.   Their range of products includes innovative methods to deliver automation and efficiency to organizations using powerful document management solutions.

“The development of inSite comes after months of hard work and perseverance.  We shared a goal to highlight the benefits of automation and the power of efficiency to organizations implementing SharePoint.  The SPTechCon show is the perfect platform to do so, as the largest independent SharePoint conference in the world, and we are excited about the future of inSite and SharePoint,” said Victor Jauregui, Vice President, VistaSG Software.