Vizit a leading provider of content visualization, search, and social collaboration solutions for Microsoft SharePoint announced the general availability of Vizit 5. Vizit 5 closes the gap between search and collaboration by enabling SharePoint users to find documents and specific passages or exhibits within documents, and share those portions of content in any collaborative SharePoint workspace.

“The vast majority of files residing in SharePoint are not currently being authored. The documents are being stored to preserve and leverage the cumulative knowledge of the organization, “said Paul Yantus, Vizit’s chief executive officer. “With Vizit 5, we have made it a seamless act to find key references in SharePoint documents and share them with co-workers.”

Vizit 5 introduces a number of new search and collaboration features. Vizit 4 introduced search previews which can be put beside any search or list result in SharePoint, enabling users to more accurately select the right result. Vizit 5 extends search by offering Best Bets. Vizit 5 carries the search terms into the document, opens the document to the most relevant page, and makes it easy for people to use the highlighted search terms to find the item they seek.

There are also numerous enhancements to Vizit’s collaboration capabilities in the new release. Vizit 5 makes it much easier to create a reference point within a document and share an extract using features such as Vizit Conversations or Vizit Social Footnotes. Vizit enables users to include content extracts in SharePoint’s numerous collaborative workspaces, so co-workers don’t have to search document libraries.

Vizit 5 also includes enhancements to SharePoint’s document management capabilities. SharePoint users can now add or edit properties while viewing documents. Vizit 5 integrates document management into Yammer, letting users bring content into their Yammer conversations, while maintaining SharePoint’s high levels of privacy and security. Vizit 5 creates a more complete Digital Rights Management solution with SharePoint by providing content viewing with a watermark, while restricting editing, downloading, and printing. This release of Vizit 5 is also accompanied by new bundles and associated pricing, designed to accommodate the needs of a broad range of SharePoint business users.