Girls in Tech wants to add Python skills to women’s toolbelt in a new web development bootcamp announced this week. CODE G: Level II is a 40-hour, 5-day bootcamp designed to teach the basics of web development as well as provide best practices for maintaining codebases.

“Python is used by tech firms across the Valley and worldwide. This course focuses on how to create modern back-end websites using the Flask web framework, an elegant, thriving tool used by companies like Pinterest and Twilio to power billions of requests per month,” the team wrote in its overview of the program. “This bootcamp will help you get started with web development and teach you modern best practices for creating maintainable codebases in teams.”

Girls in Tech is a non-profit organization designed to help more women obtain jobs in the technology field. The National Science Foundation revealed that while the gender diversity gap in science and engineering jobs is closing, only 29 percent of women make up America’s science and engineering workforce. According to Girls in Tech, education and exposure to new skills is a key tool to reducing that gap.

“CODE G was developed to help intermediate-level coders build and improve their skills. After conversations with Girls in Tech’s partners who are committed to diversity, we understood that one of the tech industry’s needs is to help talent with strong technical foundations bolster their skills in order to pass technical tests with day-to-day, hands-on skills that are critical for working as a web developer,” the organization wrote in its announcement.

The Code G: Level II program will provide a mix of instruction, coding, experimentation and deployments. The first three days will go over the essentials in web development for Python, such as templating, handling requests and sessions, databases and RESTful web APIs. The last two days will teach best practices for writing maintainable code as well as tips and ticks for deploying code to production, the organization explained.

Overall, “you will gain very useful and marketable skills in a popular and powerful web technology stack. This will help you create a new web-based company or start contributing immediately to an existing web development team,” the overview stated.