WebOps for Drupal and WordPress provider Pantheon has launched a new online program, called Pantheon Heroes Community,  “dedicated to contributing to the greater good of the open web.”

The Heroes Community is meant to bring developers together with content and best practices for Drupal and WordPress. The content will be curated by a range of experts, including authors, educators, core contributors, enterprise developers and the people behind organizing events such as WordSesh, WordCamp US, JavaScript for WordPress and others, the company said in its announcement.

While not an open-source project in and of itself, the platform is meant as a boon for the open-source community.

“This program is going to put significant muscle behind security, performance and reliability initiatives that will benefit everyone operating on the open web,” the company said in an email.

And Pantheon is welcoming any professionals who’d like to come on board to help contribute to the program’s knowledge-base.

“Pantheon Heroes are some of the best Open Web developers in the world,” the company wrote in its announcement. “They volunteer to take on weekly missions that fill gaps in the greater open-source ecosystem, often times of the Hero’s own design. On these missions, Pantheon Heroes create working code examples, present at events, contribute to documentation on GitHub and more. The time Heroes spend is also completely discretionary, so it’s a great way to give back to the community at large. In return, Heroes get early access to new Pantheon products, access to the Pantheon product team, exclusive Heroes-only swag and reimbursed travel to conferences. More importantly, Pantheon Heroes get to be on the frontlines of Drupal and WordPress development and champions of the Open Web.”

More information about the program can be found at Pantheon’s site.