WebTrends, a Microsoft Preferred Partner for analytics, today released WebTrends Lifetime Streams, which gives organizations the ability to follow online actions, and to intercept sessions and alert users as needed.

According to Jeff Seacrest, product marketing director at WebTrends, most SharePoint analytics tools come from the infrastructure-side to provide admins with information as to how that infrastructure is working. WebTrends looks at actions from a user standpoint to provide what he called “more of a business-analysis view of the effectiveness of SharePoint.”

Using WebTrends analytics, businesses can better determine how SharePoint is being adopted in an organization based on user information rolled up to departmental and geographical levels. Further, organizations can tell whether key documents are being viewed by certain people, and whether they are participating in key processes.

“SharePoint has become more than a content dumping ground,” Seacreast said. “WebTrends helps people understand the ROI of SharePoint: how it is used, where it’s being used, how to deliver improvement to the organization.”

With Lifetime Streams, WebTrends is moving from a historical view of data to a mix of historical “plus what’s happening now,” Seacrest said.