The SPTechReport this week serves up a 30,000-foot view of where Microsoft plans to take SharePoint in future versions. In an exclusive interview, Microsoft’s Jared Spataro, SharePoint Product Management Team Lead, talks about the ways Microsoft’s engineering team can extend both the capabilities and the accessibility of SharePoint. He also discussed the rate of and reasons for migration from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010. The interview can be read here.

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Fitting for an event being held in Boston, BZ Media’s SPTechCon has reached an historic first: The three-day SharePoint training conference is a sellout. But in the immortal words of one Horace Greeley (almost), you can “go west, young SharePoint-er” (alright, so I’ve taken liberty here… cut me some slack! YOU try being clever every day and see what YOU come up with!).

Registration is now open for SPTechCon 2011 in San Francisco. The dates are Feb. 7-9, and if you register before Friday, you will get the absolute rock-bottom price to attend. The conference organizers anticipate another huge turnout, so don’t get shut out!

Oh, and on the SPTechCon Facebook page, attendees are commenting on what they’re looking forward to the most. Join the group and post your thoughts about the conference. I’ll see you there!