Xceed has released Xceed Blendables for WPF, a user interface suite that allows developers and designers to create more complex user experiences, and an updated DataGrid, which now features a variety of performance boosts.

Xceed Blendables allows a user experience to match the vision software developers have for their product, and it provides the dashboard, buttons and controls for this task. Software teams can use nearly 30 tools to deliver a personalized, compelling user experience quickly.

“Blendables was originally developed by well-known former Microsoft employees who built the WPF framework itself,” said Odi Kosmatos, VP of research and development at Xceed in the release announcing the news.

Version 4.3 of Xceed DataGrid for WPF offers improved performance during horizontal scrolling as well as responsiveness and efficiency in auto-filtering when there are changes in the data source.

Both are currently available as fully functioning trial versions at Xceed.com.