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Industry Watch: Make your holiday plans now

It seems the gift-giving season each year starts earlier and earlier. Walk into a store in January and see Valentine’s Day promotions. Go to an online retail site in late September, and you’ll see Christmas/Chanukah promotions. So, if you’re writing applications at a retail outfit that counts on online revenue, your planning, development and testing … continue reading

Computer Security

The secure software development life cycle

Even with all we know about cross-site scripting and SQL injections, these attacks on servers remain pervasive. Part of that is due to the fact that security technology (firewalls, signatures, past definitions) was not focused on these types of attacks. Another part is that developers have not embraced security as something that is their concern. … continue reading


Industry Watch: Websites: Courteous, or downright creepy?

Today I wear the hat of SD Times ombudsman, peeling back the curtain to reveal some of the thought processes behind what we do. Somewhere between creepy and courteous lies the current state of the media business. What with visitor tracking refined down to the article being read, even to the line of an article … continue reading


Appcelerator readies software for a post-Web world

Are we entering a post-Web world, where browsers are becoming less relevant and mobile applications take center stage for getting data to users in a format they can use? Mobile platform provider Appcelerator thinks so, and today issued the summer release of its platform with optimizations for business analytics, a new API builder, and greater … continue reading

Guest View: What every company needs to know before choosing a mobile strategy

Today, mobile is everything. More and more, people are accessing services primarily through their phones and tablets rather than their desktops. As a result, mobile strategies are now a vital part of running a business. But with so many different ways to deliver information and services via mobile, how do you choose the right mobile … continue reading

Create a SharePoint community of your own

The Community Site template allows you to add social aspects to your SharePoint site … continue reading

MongoDB 2.8 enhancements revealed

At the company’s user conference, document-level locking and new storage engines highlight produce road map … continue reading

Information workers get their due

Jeremy Thake will use his SPTechCon keynote to highlight the importance of information workers … continue reading

Industry Watch: The future of work

Employees working out of office and on their own terms are what managers can expect … continue reading

Guest View: Should you build your next mobile game with HTML5?

Should you build your next mobile game with HTML5? This is the question facing thousands of mobile game developers and studios struggling with game discovery and monetization within the Apple app store and Google Play. Is now, finally, the time for HTML5? HTML5 took quite a beating a few years back when Facebook dropped it … continue reading

Electric Cloud looks to accelerate software build, test, deploy

Two new offerings can help organizations achieve Continuous Delivery … continue reading

The future of work

Working out of office on employees’ terms is what managers can expect … continue reading

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