W3C releases mobile development 'best practices'

Katie Serignese
December 21, 2010 —  (Page 3 of 3)
Design for flexibility
Web applications are run in evolving and heterogeneous environments. Flexibility allows you to address more devices and users to reduce costs.
- Design for multiple interaction methods
- Ensure text flows
- Support a non-JavaScript variant if appropriate
- Prefer server-side detection where possible; use client-side detection when necessary

Exploit mobile-specific features
Some Web technologies are particularly relevant to mobile devices. Learn to use them.
- Make telephone numbers “click-to-call”
- Consider mobile-specific technologies for initiating Web applications
- Use appropriate client-side storage technologies for local data

Optimize response time
Every detail matters in mobile Web applications, and some technical points may significantly boost the overall user experience.
- Aggregate static images into a single composite resource
- Minimize perceived latency
- Optimize for application start-up time
- Keep Document Object Model size reasonable

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