Security concerns are everywhere both during data transmission and in the storage of software and data remotely. That should be a big fat honkin’ worry with blinking lights and red flags, but our on-premise data centers are vulnerable too, and at least the cloud providers are working hard on the issue, which is more than most of our admins are (let’s be honest here, most enterprise data security is a joke and a bad one at that).

To summarize: The cloud is the future. And we are sheep. Baaah!
Agile. Agile has won. But what has it won? More than a decade after the Agile Manifesto (you know, I was one of the original signatories, right? Well, not really. But I once had a tasty cheese-and-bean burrito in downtown Provo, which is only 50 miles from Snowbird), “agile” has won the right to be considered “mainstream.” Hurray!

If your managers or minions are wondering, “Should we go agile?” your response should be, “Get over it.” It’s like saying, “Should we be using hexadecimal?” The clearly unequivocal answer is, to coin an expression, “Yes.”

Does that mean that agile is the right tool for every job? To coin another expression, “No.” It’s just like sometimes you don’t want to use hexadecimal. Sometimes something else makes more sense, like octal or dodecahedral. But understanding what it means to be agile, understanding the essential element of agility, is essential if you’re in a modern software development organization.

To summarize: Agile isn’t the future—it’s the present… And we are sheep. Baaah!

I.B. Phoolen is a retired software architect who believes in fast cars, fast compilers, fast watches and fast food. To I.B., qaulity is always Job #1. He blogs rarely at

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