Verious, a provider of components and services for mobile application development, is offering component packages as part of its Verious Mobile App Services Platform.

According to Anil Pereira, Verious’ founder and CEO, the Verious Mobile App Services Platform connects SDK and API providers with mobile developers. To that end, Verious has teamed up with several different partners, including Conference Hound, iPhone Dev SDK and iStockphoto, to offer a mobile developer network with direct reach to over 1 million mobile application developers.

“We connect developers will all the things they need from components to design resources and designers,” Pereira said, adding that connecting developers with mashed-up components—some of which offer ad services combined with location services and other media content—is the natural next step.

Partnerships with CityGrid Media, The Sports Network and Weather Decision Technologies (announced yesterday) have enabled Verious to create three different rich application components.

The CityGrid Media component allows developers to integrate a local search tab as a free service into their iOS applications. For retailers, they can customize this experience and pay on a per-user basis. Coupons can be included along with local store information. The application, Pereira said, connects to the GPS on iOS devices to show end users where they can use the coupons and where they can find store locations.

The Sports Network component is for Android applications. It allows a media or game company to integrate data from sports leagues into a specific application. Free trial versions, with Verious handling the licensing of the trials, are available, and enterprise companies can work out a pricing arrangement with Verious and The Sports Network, according to Pereira.

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