The lawsuits flying around Silicon Valley are getting ridiculous.

• Microsoft is suing Barnes & Noble because Microsoft says that Android infringes Microsoft patents, and B&N’s Nook e-reader is based on Android. Thus, B&N must be forced to license Microsoft patents.

• Oracle is suing Google because Oracle says that Android’s Dalvik Java Virtual Machine infringes some of Sun’s JVM patents.

• Apple is suing because Apple says that “App Store” is an Apple trademark, and thus Amazon must not use “Amazon Appstore” for its Android, well, app store.

• Microsoft is suing Apple because Microsoft says that Apple’s “App Store” trademark uses generic English words, and thus shouldn’t be trademarked. Of course, Microsoft has rigorously defended its trademarks of Windows, Word and Office.

• And, yesterday, Microsoft filed a European antitrust complaint against—guess who—Google.

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Alan Zeichick, founding editor of SD Times, is principal analyst of Camden Associates.