Computing in the cloud is the wave of the future. However, many enterprise executives worry that their data will be insecure. In addition, it’s a whole new ballgame for developers. Gizmox’s Visual WebGui addresses both of these issues. Gizmox was named to the 2010 SD Times 100 listing of top leaders and innovators in the software development industry.

“Visual WebGui is a proven and innovative platform that transforms existing client/server apps or code into functionally equivalent Web/SaaS/cloud apps requiring less than 10% of the time and cost required for traditional Web solutions,” says Navot Peled, the company’s founder and CEO ( “The Visual WebGui platform can be used to transform existing apps or to build new ones. The result is a secure Web or cloud application that runs and behaves like its desktop equivalent, accessible from any browser, Silverlight or mobile device with no need for a downloadable plug-in by the end user.”

Visual WebGui tools support the migration of legacy systems to cloud application servers.

The products give you the ability to develop data-centric enterprise AJAX-driven applications using Visual Basic-like Forms-based drag-and-drop tools or declarative XAML. With Visual WebGui, your developers create Web applications exactly like they would develop desktop or client/server applications. Web complexities and hassles are abstracted away. This means no HTML and no JavaScript spaghetti coding.

Benchmarks for Visual WebGui products indicate up to 90% development time reduction from other development methods. With this reduced development time and basic desktop skills, individual developers, small to medium development shops, and enterprises with limited resources and no AJAX skills can build applications that in the past were the domain of only large shops. Thus, the tools empower you to compete and win large projects and deliver on time with controlled resources and budgets.

Visual WebGui products are available as a free, open-source LGPL licensed Express Studio edition for small, non-commercial projects, or as a full-featured commercial Pro Studio edition. The Pro Studio edition includes 24-hour support.

“Visual WebGui products were built to solve one of the most painful IT challenges of the last Internet decade: the inferiority of Web development methods compared to desktop methods,” Peled says. “Their capabilities and rapid adoption are proof that Visual WebGui is on the right track.”