There are a number of ways to design a complex application, but the best way is to model it using UML. If you believe in modeling, then believe in Enterprise Architect, a collaborative, UML 2-based tool for modeling, designing, building, testing, visualizing and managing a variety of software, business and systems engineering projects. Enterprise Architect is proudly offered by Sparx Systems, which was named to the 2010 SD Times 100, the newspaper’s listing of the top innovators and leaders in the software development industry.

“Enterprise Architect 8 provides a rich tool set that makes up a tightly integrated Model-Driven Development platform,” says Geoffrey Sparks, Sparx Systems’ founder and CEO. “It supports end-to-end modeling and traceability from early requirements, through design, construction, testing, deployment and maintenance, all based on the latest UML specifications, and includes many domain-specific, open standard extensions such as SysML and BPMN.”

Enterprise Architect helps your architects and developers quickly understand the problem domain, the modeled solution, user requirements and the execution environment. The ability to quickly search and trace through modeled specifications, requirements, use cases and other artifacts ensures that your team can unambiguously provide the right solution to the right problem in a timely and effective manner.

Reverse-engineering legacy code, and capturing sequence and hybrid sequence/state diagrams from executing code, helps your developers understand complex legacy software and validate the correct execution and behavior of new code.

Code editors, debuggers, model-based auto-completion, integrated file and Web-based searching, and other developer tools for .NET, Java and native Windows C++ let your developers rapidly navigate, fine-tune and verify their code while remaining in touch with the overall solution captured in the Enterprise Architect model. MDG Integration tools also let them bring a live and editable version of the model directly into the standard coding environment.

“Receiving the SD Times 100 award for the second year in a row is a great validation of all the hard work and experience we have put into Enterprise Architect. It also shows the effectiveness of our tool suites in helping users in business, software development and systems engineering realize their individual and shared visions,” says Sparks. Learn more at