3Scale, the leading API management platform, today announced the launch of APIcast, a cloud-hosted API gateway (or proxy) that makes it fast and simple to launch an API via 3scale’s API management platform. 3scale APIcast reduces the time to get an API up and running to only a few clicks, and without the need to modify backend code or deploy API gateway proxy software or hardware internally. The service is free and supports up to 50,000 API transactions per day.

“3scale’s overall objective is to make it easier and cheaper to launch and operate an API”, said Steve Willmott, CEO at 3scale. “Helping to grow the API Web is at the heart of everything we do and the APIcast cloud-hosted gateway helps make that happen by making APIs even easier to launch and run.”

The new hosted-gateway service makes it possible to run low volume production APIs without any local code deployment at all. This means simple configuration for customers and faster time to go live with their APIs, while delivering the same rich API management feature set 3scale provides. APIcast is a perfect solution for small to medium volume APIs and/or customers who want to get a managed API running quickly.

For higher volume APIs, 3scale already offers industry-leading performance through self- hosted NGINX or Varnish gateways, software plugins and existing CDN Integrations. Now customers can select one method, or deploy both and seamlessly move their APIs between different modes, giving them total control of API delivery. The service is also relevant to enterprise situations that require quick, solid staging and testing facilities,

To sign up for 3scale APIcast, please visit http://www.3scale.net/apicast/. Current customers can find the new option on their 3scale dashboard.