AccuRev, a leading provider of application life cycle software solutions, announces the availability of AccuRev version 6.0.  AccuRev 6.0 introduces significant enhancements and features that support multi-stage continuous integration and delivery and further simplify and streamline complex software development processes.  With AccuRev 6.0, companies are able to increase agility, decrease risk and improve the quality and efficiency of software releases, enabling them to bring those releases to their customers and the market faster.

AccuRev was designed for software organizations leveraging agile and continuous delivery where complex, parallel software development processes need scalability, automation, and simplicity for faster processes.  The new features and functionality in AccuRev 6.0 take the foundation to the next level and include:
· Expanded automation using change-based development– AccuRev has always been great at enabling visibility into exactly how the project is progressing, but with AccuRev 6.0, it’s even better. The automation around tracking and propagating stories, issues, and issue dependencies by leveraging Change Packages makes it even easier for developers to develop and manage change at the business value level as opposed to the file level and for management to easily  see where each enhancement or issue is in the process.
· Easier to use, accelerating the development process – AccuRev’s streamlined and easy-to-navigate point and click display makes it even simpler for developers to quickly focus on the issues, enhancements and stories they need to work on and get coding immediately.
· Even simpler user experience – Enhancements have been made throughout the user and command-line interfaces, including enhanced browser modes, flexible layout options, refined search capabilities, and a simplified incoming and outgoing mode for detecting changes, making navigation and daily development even easier.

“We needed a solution that allowed us to move faster while still enabling us to meet the compliance regulations in our industry. It would need to be easy to use, and enable developers to spend their time coding rather than administering,” said Michael Godfrey, Product Manager, Siemens Medical Solutions. “AccuRev Version 6.0 with enhanced Change Packages has enabled us to track and audit all relevant changes, issues, and stories in our development process while dramatically improving our development productivity.”