AccuRev, Inc., the leader in solutions for scaling Agile across the enterprise, today announced an initiative integrating AccuRev SCM with HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11, the latest ALM release from HP.

AccuRev announced that AccuBridge for HP Quality Center 10 has been fully certified by HP, with additional support for HP Agile Accelerator. AccuBridge for HP Quality Center 10 allows users to leverage the power of AccuRev software change and configuration management with the existing HP Quality Center workflow. AccuBridge for HP Quality Center delivers increased agility, enhanced reliability and improved quality to software development environments, while increasing return on investment.

AccuBridge for HP Quality Center supports issue-based engineering workflow with traceability through the robust AccuRev software configuration management integration. Customers can reduce time and costs associated with the development process by storing and monitoring AccuRev configuration management and change package activity from within HP Quality Center. Benefits of this integration include:
• Issue based development and full requirements  traceability
• Automated issue/story integration, eliminating  manually introduced inconsistencies
• Integrated workflow management and integrated  reporting for senior management
• Capabilities to ensure that testers and quality  engineers know exactly what changed in each file or release.

AccuRev, an HP partner for more than three years, is now recognized as an HP Gold Partner. As a result of this relationship, companies can implement a best-of-breed Application Lifecycle Management solution from AccuRev and HP in a fully integrated fashion.

“AccuRev’s partnership with HP and the integration and certification announcements made today represent an important advance for developers, enabling users to experience a full ALM solution with the power of our combined ALM, SCM and Agile software development solutions,” said Cliff Utstein, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, AccuRev.