Continuing its efforts to accelerate the adoption of Agile development across the enterprise, AccuRev, Inc. today announced the availability of the Agile Software Development Glossary. The glossary outlines Agile terms and methodologies software developers can use to plan, pilot and scale Agile processes and can be accessed for free by visiting

Terms in the glossary range from broad Agile topics – such as the Agile Manifesto, Agile Lifecycle Application Management and Agile SCM – to specific processes and methodologies related to Agile – such as Scrum, change and configuration management and Kanban.

“When exploring a new concept- like adopting Agile- and encountering new terms, it is important to have a set of definitions to reference in order to focus on the main purpose, using Agile to be more effective.  The Agile Glossary from AccuRev is a comprehensive list of the key terms and concepts needed in order to start a conversation about Agile change management” said Steve Berczuk, author of “Software Configuration Management Patterns” and popular Agile blog, “Accidental Simplicity.”

“As interest in Agile continues to grow among the software development community, confusion about the meaning of new terms is also on the rise. AccuRev developed the Agile Glossary to address this key obstacle, and to aid in accelerating Agile across the enterprise,” said Damon Poole, AccuRev’s founder and CTO.

Agile Methods Defined Blog Post Series
AccuRev will continue to feature content from the glossary on the AccuRev Blog in the Agile Methods Defined Blog Post Series.  Blog posts provide definitions of terms in the context of specific Agile methods and their benefits.   Sample terms from the glossary that will be expanded upon through the Agile Methods Defined Blog Post Series include:
· Agile Practices: Agile practices are procedures that are defined as being highly efficient to productivity and include the following practices: user stories, cross functional teams, unit testing, refactoring, continuous integration, multi-stage continuous integration, planning poker, burnup charts and burndown charts.
· Agile Project Management: The process of planning, organizing and managing the necessary resources in order to complete project goals while adhering to Agile practices.
AccuRev is also seeking input from the software development community, and the blog series will serve as a platform for feedback, suggestions and contributions.  The community can also share any comments by emailing Kristine Englert at

“AccuRev sees this glossary as a living, evolving resource for software developers, and we welcome and invite feedback and contributions from the community as we work together to drive the continued adoption of Agile,” said Poole.  “AccuRev is committed to advancing Agile across the enterprise not only with our Agile solutions, but also through efforts like this glossary and our research into the ‘pain points’ that limit Agile adoption.”

Later this month, AccuRev is planning to release the results of surveys conducted throughout the year aimed at identifying the obstacles to Agile adoption.