Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces the acquisition of and substantially all of its assets., a leader in business document sharing and publishing for demand generation and lead capture with sizable user base with user generated content.

“edocr provides Accusoft with a wealth of information and resources for a customer base that’s largely made up of small businesses,” said Jack Berlin, CEO Accusoft. “Accusoft plans to make edocr free for use and offer Accusoft Cloud Services as a part of edocr products. edocr business users can not only use the existing features of edocr, but also in future will be able to use the integrated Accusoft cloud products as a part of their document workflow.”

Headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, is a leading business document sharing platform across multiple verticals that provides lead capture and document publishing and makes it easier for prospects and customers to find document content, helping them to make informed decisions. With the edocr document sharing platform, users will be able to build brand awareness and generate demand for products and services while acquiring leads.

Used by thousands of professionals and businesses, empowers publication of marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents for easier and wider reach of prospects and customers.

With edocr, users publish content making it easier for prospects and customers to find information, helping them to make better informed decisions, including:

  • Marketing content (brochures, data sheets, press releases, white papers and case studies)
  • Sales materials (slides, price lists and pro-forma agreements)
  • Operations manuals (specifications, operating manuals and installation guides)
  • Customer service information (user manuals)
  • Financial reports (annual reports and financial statements)

“Since its founding in 2007, edocr’s mission has been to find new and exciting ways to provide maximum return for content that could be shared publicly,” said edocr Founder and CEO Manoj Ranaweera. “We achieved this not by just creating a destination site loved by professionals and businesses from 200+ countries, but by extending the functionality into many partner solutions from CRM and customer support to marketing automation. We are very excited to join forces with Accusoft and take edocr to next stage.”

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