Accusoft, today announces the addition of an extended web API and full website integration capabilities to Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer, an HTML5 viewer that can display virtually any document or image file in the browser on any device.

Now web application developers can integrate a fully customized Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer into their own applications under API control. Until now, this sort of custom integration has only been available in Accusoft’s on-premise viewer, Prizm Content Connect. The cloud-based Accusoft Cloud Services environment hosts Viewer’s back-end engine to give users the benefits of fast, device-agnostic HTML5 viewing and integration without the cost and effort of a server deployment.

Chief among the enhancements in version 9 is the option to scroll through the pages of a document. Scrolling enables users to navigate through a document more quickly and smoothly than traditional paging.Within a web application, Viewer is fully customizable through well-documented APIs. With only a few lines of code and simple parameter settings, developers can easily modify and control Viewer’s appearance and behavior. The API also introduces a text-extraction capability that can be used to render a document into text. Developers can use the extracted text to optimize for search engine indexing (SEO).

The document window itself displays a high-fidelity SVG-format facsimile of the original document, to preserve the original formatting and deliver fast page display while preventing exposure of users’ devices to any malware or unwanted metadata associated with the original file.

“Accusoft is proud to continuously improve Cloud Services and bring more and more value to a developer community that’s looking for convenient, cloud-based solutions to their key challenges,” said Accusoft President Jack Berlin.

In the future, Accusoft will continue to add new developer productivity, design and performance-enhancement services to the Accusoft Cloud Services family, all based on Accusoft’s proven, industry-leading on-premise solutions for document viewing, image compression and other solutions.

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