Accusoft, the leader in document and imaging tools, announced the launch of OnTask, its web-based workflow automation software. OnTask is completely customizable, and offers four key features for businesses’ digital transaction management needs.
OnTask doesn’t require any coding, and it can integrate into a company’s CRM and document management systems for seamless data flow and increased productivity. Its automated workflow processes eliminate process bottlenecks and reduce costs associated with manual business processes. Users can set up customized workflows that go beyond signing to meet unique business needs, including reminder notifications to ensure participants meet required deadlines.
“Advanced business process management is an important development as companies transition to paperless operations,” said Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft. “The technology offered through OnTask will transform today’s workflows through leading-edge automation and its other web-based capabilities.”
OnTask offers four main features for users to manage content electronically, each of which can be customized to each company’s unique document management needs. The features include:
Workflow Automation: OnTask helps enterprises streamline their end-to-end business processes, whether they have just a few linear steps or more complex routing. Users simply establish a workflow route to kick off the process.
Fillable Forms: Offering both web- and document-based forms for data gathering, OnTask eliminates paper trails. OnTask helps users track the progress of fillable forms in the digital space without any messy file cabinets.
Digital Signatures: Companies can now expedite approval processes by using OnTask’s digital signature feature. Users can send files out for review through a workflow and let participants sign digitally wherever they are, at any time.
Intuitive Dashboard: Users can manage workflows all in one place and track files to see if a workflow requires approval or if it’s completed. 
For a limited time, new customers have access to a dedicated OnTask Workflow Manager, who can set up and tailor features to the organization’s internal and external business needs. OnTask supports dozens of file and image types, including Excel, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word and more, and it offers white label branding so businesses can maintain brand standards within workflow screens and emails. 
“OnTask brings a new level of innovation and customization for document and digital transaction management,” said Tirrah Switzer, product marketing manager at Accusoft. “Workflow automation and other digital transaction management operations are increasingly important for organizations to leverage for unique business needs, and OnTask brings a tailored, scalable solution that improves efficiency and reduces error-prone, manual processes.”
Visit the OnTask website for more information and demos.