Accusoft, the leading provider of content viewing, control and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint v 2.0, featuring quick and easy integration, extended file format viewing and permissions control for non-Microsoft files. This new release provides a more seamless and efficient experience for end users, while also making it easier to implement on the back end.

New Feature: Native SharePoint Viewing for Dozens of File Types

Providing end users with an easy way to view a variety of file types in their browsers streamlines their workflow and enhances their overall experience. With native SharePoint viewing, users will be able to open non-Microsoft files directly in their browser, without the need to download the document or other applications. This feature provides a consistent user experience while simplifying the process of viewing and editing documents.

“We’re very excited about this latest SharePoint integration,” said Brian Gager, Director of Development for Prizm Content Connect. “We think this will provide a less-cluttered workflow for our end users.”

Other New Features of the New PCC SharePoint Release

Interactive Preview

Now users can preview documents in the SharePoint repository. This feature supports dozens of file types, including non-Microsoft formats.

Download Prevention

SharePoint admins can now control who has permission to download documents from the repository. Users that have “view only” access can be prevented from downloading files to their desktop.

Control for Interacting with MS Office Apps

PCC and ACS for SharePoint allows admins to specify by file type which application can view or edit documents of that file type.

PDF Downloads of Marked-up Documents

The new SharePoint integration allows users to redact, e-sign, add text and highlights to a document and then download that document as a PDF to their desktop.

Customized Viewer Functionality

Using custom SharePoint permissions, admins can control which viewer tools a user or group of users has access to in PCC and ACS. Viewer permissions are applied to documents, folders and libraries providing flexibility when assigning permissions.

“This release is meant to work in harmony with existing SharePoint features,” said Accusoft owner Jack Berlin. “We wanted to enhance the user experience through simplification of processes, and make it easier for people to do their work. I think we succeeded.”

To test out a full-feature version of the newest PCC for SharePoint integration, click here.