Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces the release of Prizm Content Connect v10, the latest version of its industry-leading HTML5 document viewer. The new version features improved navigation, content copying on mobile and touch devices, new viewing fit sizes, viewer samples for even more customization, raster watermarking, content conversion and format detection services.

Further advancing HTML5 viewing capabilities, Prizm Content Connect has been enhanced with new navigation features. Resizable, viewable thumbnails and scrollable page navigation empower users to quickly and easily locate the desired page and render it. Within Office and PDF content, clickable hyperlinks allow for navigation to external resources, such as referenced web pages or file downloads.  In addition, internal document links within PDF files can be used to quickly navigate the document through a table of contents or section reference.

Content copying to the clipboard on mobile and touch devices improves usability. New fit types like “Actual Size” (100%), best fit, fit to height, and percentage zooms are also now available, making content viewable across devices.

“Accusoft is proud to continuously improve Prizm Content Connect with comprehensive document collaboration on all devices,” said Accusoft President Jack Berlin. “These new features make our viewer even easier to use and customize.”

Additional new features in v10 include:

  • A RESTful API that enables multiple content types to be converted to PDF, JPG, TIFF or SVG.

  • The ability to automatically detect incoming file formats to correct mislabeled extensions, reducing error rates and incorrectly displayed content.

  • An exciting new “Book Reader” viewer sample that further demonstrates the extensive customizability of Prizm Content Connect with simplified functionality and user controls optimized for reading on a mobile device.

Finally, watermarking has been expanded from SVGs to also include raster images, allowing watermarks to be applied to all content viewed in the HTML5 Viewer.

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