Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces enhancements to its Barcode Xpress software development kit (sdk) for adding barcode recognition capabilities to applications. enhancements include read performance and accuracy improvements for several important barcode types and prevention of false positives that can occur under certain circumstances.

Using Barcode Xpress, developers can integrate the most accurate one-dimensional (1D) or two-dimensional (2D) barcode recognition with only a few lines of code, empowering their applications with the ability to detect, read up to 32 and write up to 16 different 1D and 2D barcodes with unparalleled accuracy. Applications built with Barcode Xpress can scan up to 1,000 pages per minute while accurately locating and decoding multiple barcodes on each page. The SDK supports 32- and 64-bit .NET, ActiveX, Java and Java ME development environments.

Enhancements in version 10 include the ability to identify and interpret encoding information in QR codes, such as the presence of Kanji fonts or whether encoding is binary or alphanumeric. Read speed and accuracy for QR, Data Matrix and PDF417 codes has improved. Version 10 even reads 1D codes faster than before. Significant improvements in accuracy for PDF417 codes used on ID cards was also added. And Barcode Xpress version 10 includes still other improvements that fight the false positives that can occur when patch codes are used.

Accusoft offers another barcode SDK, Barcode Xpress Mobile, that enables developers to build mobile apps that tap the cameras in mobile devices to recognize a wide variety of 1d and 2d barcodes, including qr codes, upc, postal codes, and now gs1 databar codes, all of which are also supported by barcode xpress.

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