Accusoft today announces the release of Prizm Content Connect version 8, a highly scalable, server-based document viewer that enables users to view hundreds of different file types through a browser without needing the file type’s native application or any other players or plugins on the client. Testing reveals the new version to be the fastest product of its kind.

The new version includes greatly improved text and font fidelity, significant speed enhancements across all document types and new APIs enabling easier integration, all in addition to the viewer’s hardened scalability and industry-leading versatility.

Prizm Content Connect enables collaboration on more than 300 file types–including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, images, email messages and more–through a quick, consistent viewer that requires no software installations on employee devices. The versatile server component is scalable for environments of any size or platform and integrates easily with any programming language.

The new version introduces the Prizm Content Connect Imaging Services (PCCIS) platform, which enables version 8 to display documents more quickly and with even better clarity and font accuracy in the zero footprint HTML5 document viewer. The full-text search and text selection tools are more responsive and accurate than ever.

Version 8 features new, easier-to-use APIs that empower companies to integrate the viewer into their websites and applications with less effort and in less time. A new web API conforming to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture has been optimized to deliver lightning-quick response times. Other new and enhanced APIs enhance text extraction and empower administrators to enable service monitoring quickly and easily.
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