DRUD Tech announces ddev Community

Open source development tool suppliers DRUD Tech have announced the release of ddev Community, a tool designed to streamline some of the backend aspects of website development.

“Web development teams are all-too-familiar with the hours lost due to slow setup, task-switching between projects and lack of tooling consistency, whether it’s for a client website or a project for an internal department,” said Steven Grandchamp, CEO, DRUD Tech in the announcement.

The developers hope ddev Community will significantly speed up website development and reduce costs.

Progress to provide support for AR environments

Progress announced their zero-day support for Apple’s ARKit augmented reality SDK, to be released with iOS 11, as well as their support for Google’s ARCore SDK through their open source NativeScript tool.

NativeScript provides a common API wrapper for the SDKs, allowing developers to implement AR and VR through JavaScript instead of through a native SDK.

Progress says the primary target for NativeScript is business app developers who would like to include AR in their apps without native SDK or 3D modeling skills.

NativeScript’s support for other AR APIs will be expanded throughout 2018.

Actian announces Apache Spark support

Data management, analytics and integration company Actian announced support for open source cluster-computing framework Apache Spark in the newest release of Actian Vector in Hadoop (VectorH).

Actian says that users of their VectorH analytics database will see benefits through Spark’s machine learning, streaming analytics and predictive analytics capability.

“Customers facing the challenges of today’s dynamic, hybrid data environments are

demanding faster, nimble solutions to activate that data, to unlock the business value and insights, using the skills and tools they already know,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO of Actian. “Actian now offers the power of VectorH through Spark to support a diverse range of file formats and workloads including machine learning, delivering performance and operational advantages over other open source and proprietary alternatives. Imagine how much more productive your data scientists and business analysts can be with results in seconds, not hours.”

VictorOps announces Slack integration

Real-time DevOps incident management company VictorOps announced that their platform will receive a native Slack App, which the company sees as a way to reduce information lost while juggling multiple apps during incidents.

“Today’s DevOps teams want to be able to use the chat platform of their choice when it comes to incident management – and most of the time, they choose Slack,” said Joni Klippert, VP of Product, VictorOps. “But the problem is a lot of information is being lost in the process of switching back and forth between VictorOps and the Slack channel. That lost data doesn’t make it onto the ticket and isn’t incorporated into post mortem reports. This new integration will help to streamline the firefighting process and provide our customers with easier access to the tools they want to use to get the job done.”

The Slack integration will be rolled out in waves, starting with the native app and various live reporting implementations directly in the Slack channel.