ActiveState, the open source languages company, today announced the release of Komodo IDE 11. The latest release features a revamped code intelligence system, helping developers and data scientists be more efficient while improving overall speed when working with today’s popular languages including Python, Go, Ruby, PHP and more.

Komodo 11 also adds new debugging functionality, integration with the popular,  smarter autocomplete, and a host of other features to minimize setup, more efficiently manage projects, and enable developers to code smarter and faster.

“Companies are increasingly turning to open source languages for web development and now for building machine learning algorithms into applications, and developers are under increased pressure to innovate faster. Komodo 11 means it takes developers less time to start being productive”, says Jeff Rouse, Director of Product Management at ActiveState. “Komodo 11 supports the latest development trends and empowers developers and data scientists to work smarter and faster than ever before with our revamped code intelligence system”.

Key features of Komodo 11 include:

  • New Code Intelligence: Smart and responsive autocomplete and symbol browser, with faster overall performance and SDK availability

  • Print Debugging: Toggle print statements as a faster alternative to running the full debugger

  • DevDocs Integration: Highlight any word and trigger the relevant language documentation from inside Komodo, even when offline

  • Project/Folder Templates: Bootstrap projects with many provided templates, or link to remote files on GitHub to hook projects into Komodo

  • Minimized Configuration: Dependency Detector auto-detects installed third-party dependencies; Universal Package Manager lets you run commands within the editor

  • Clipboard Manager: Shortcut key brings up your last 10 clipboard entries

  • Live Previewing: Preview your HTML and Markdown files in real-time as you write your code

  • Added Tooling for PHP: Useful snippets, userscripts and tutorials for Drupal, Laravel and WordPress

Komodo’s multi-language support reflects trends in the use of open source languages. According to Q&A hub Stack Overflow, Python is the fastest-growing programming language, while Go has risen in the TIOBE Index from #122 in 2015 to the top 10 in 2017. Written in Python, Komodo expands its Python and Go support in version 11 with auto-formatting, as well as template functionality for bootstrapping or pulling into existing projects.

Komodo 11 is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux and available immediately for trial and purchase: