The code and documentation for Facebook’s Osquery are available on GitHub.

Adobe open-sources Spindle for Big Data analytics processing
Adobe Research has released an open-source project called Spindle, a prototype Apache Spark-based web analytics query engine designed around the requirements of production workloads.

Spindle exposes query requests through a multi-threaded HTTP interface implemented with the Spray open-source HTTP integration toolkit. Queries are processed by loading data from the Apache Parquet columnar storage format onto the Hadoop distributed filesystem to process real-time analytics. More information about Spindle is available on GitHub.

LinguaSys launches “GlobalNLP” natural language processing API portal for developers

Big Data natural language processing software provider LinguaSys has released GlobalNLP, a RESTful cloud-based API portal enabling software developers to understand and extract meaning from unstructured or conversational text across languages, according to the company.

GlobalNLP offers features including customizable language models, attribute tags, concept tagging, domain detection, a full semantic network,  keyword extraction, language detection, part-of-speech tagging and cross-lingual retrieval through a natural language interface. More information is available here.