Software consultancy Ivar Jacobson International released yesterday version 3.0 of its EssWork platform for disciplined software development, which includes the company’s Essential Practices, Essential Unified Process and a software development kernel.

EssWork gives organizations guidelines for building software efficiently, with the end result being a successfully completed software project. The software captures good development patterns, so they can be followed again to improve the quality of the software produced and of the processes employed, according to the company.

“The aim is to reduce development costs and deliver projects predictably and with better quality,” said Michael Azoff, principal research analyst with Ovum Research, in a written statement.

New role-based access lets users find information relevant to their responsibilities on a given project, with enhanced views and navigation that make it easier to find the precise information being sought, the company said in an announcement of the platform.

A trial version of the software is available online for 90 days for non-commercial use. Beyond that, a US$200 per user support agreement is required to use the full EssWork software.

EssWork is based on the work of Jacobson, one of the “Three Amigos” of the Unified Modeling Language, to develop the Essential Unified Process in 2006. His stated goal at that time was to create a lighter, platform-agnostic derivative of the Rational Unified Process he helped create in the 1990s. In an interview with SD Times in 2006, Jacobson described the process as “agile, with discipline.”