Polarion: Polarion ALM is a unifying collaboration and management platform for software and multi-system development projects. Providing end-to-end traceability and transparency from requirements to design to production, Polarion’s flexible architecture and licensing model enables companies to deploy just what they need, where they need it, on-premise or in the cloud.

Rommana ALM: Now available in the Cloud for free, Rommana ALM is a fully integrated set of tools and methodologies that provides full traceability among requirements, user stories, scenarios, test cases, issue reports, use cases, timelines, change requests, estimates and resources; one common repository for all project artifacts and documentation; and full collaboration for all team members around the globe 24×7.

Seapine: Seapine Software’s integrated hybrid-agile ALM suite enables product development and IT organizations to ensure the consistent release of high-quality products, while providing traceability, reporting and compliance. Featuring TestTrack for requirements, issue and test management; Surround SCM for configuration management; and QA Wizard Pro for automated functional testing and load testing, Seapine’s tools provide a single source of truth for project development artifacts, statuses and quality to reduce risks inherent in complex product development.

Serena Software: Serena provides secure, collaborative and process-based ALM solutions. Dimensions RM improves the definition, management and reuse of requirements, increasing visibility and collaboration across stakeholders; Dimensions CM simplifies collaborative parallel development, improving team velocity and assuring release readiness; and Deployment Automation enables deployment pipeline automation, reducing cycle time and supporting rapid delivery.

Sparx Systems: Sparx Systems’ flagship product, Enterprise Architect, provides full life-cycle modeling for real-time and embedded development, software and systems engineering, and business and IT systems. Based on UML and related specifications, Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive team-based modeling environment that helps organizations analyze, design and construct reliable, well-understood systems.

TechExcel: TechExcel DevSuite is a product development life-cycle platform that automates and streamlines requirements, development and QA processes for faster, more frequent release of high-quality products. Whether your process is agile, traditional or hybrid, DevSuite ensures your most current requirements are built and tested. With dynamic linking of requirements to all development artifacts, DevSuite enables full bidirectional requirements traceability from product design through development, testing, bug fixing and release. DevSuite also allows you to completely customize development environments to increase the speed and efficiency of your teams, including custom workflows and rules, personalized page layouts, tailored workspaces with defined access control, specification reports for instant project status, and more. DevSuite also enables you to leverage TechExcel strengths and plug it into existing third-party applications using RESTful APIs. With DevSuite, you’ll more quickly deliver finished products that are bug-free and include the most current features, functionality and user experience customers require.